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Mosaic Making Parties

mosiac makingmosaic7During this hour long activity we support each child to make their own unique mosaic designs using a mixture of glass & ceramic tiles along with our carefully sourced range of quirky treasures – beads, buttons, costume jewellery and even old nuts and bolts! In that time most children produce 2-3 mosaics each, but we are very happy for each child to work at their own pace. We provide simple instructions (and some grout mixture) to each child so that they can finish off their mosaics at home, although some designs look fantastic without. All we need you to provide is a space for us to  use. Usually this is a dining table, but we are just as happy working on the floor. We bring table cloths or floor coverings to ensure all mess is well contained & tidy everything up at the end of the activity!


Crafty Jackdaw mosaic-making parties start at £120 for up to ten children (no minimum number required). Additional children are £8.00 per head.  We run an hour’s activity, provide all materials and clear away at the end  (usually while the kids enjoy their party tea). You can invite as many children as can fit standing around your table! If you prefer a larger party we can come to a venue of your choice.

mosaic3mosaic tubs2mosaic1






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