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feedback from badge/mirror- making and mosaic parties


mosaic1“Thank you for the lovely mosaic party. Perdita really enjoyed it as I think all the children did. I think the activity suited their age group and it was very well orgnaised by yourselves. The amount of mosaic decorations was fantastic and the children loved all the different materials that were available. I think the end results were fantastic and cannot wait to see them all!”

Jane M, Bannerdale, November 2014



“Your party was fantastic, every child engaged and you were brilliant at helping those that just needed that bit of extra subtle help. You know a party has been a success when the children say ‘oh no’ when you let them know the badge-making is coming to an end! Monday morning at school was amusing as party guests arrived at school gate with school attire and badges adorned all over them! The Teacher knew all about it that’s for sure! As a parent it was really great to have some calm and productivity to a party and it was truly magical, almost spell-like, how they charged in all frenzied and almost instantly became engrossed in the making process. Have saved you in my ‘favourites’ and will definitely be looking you up again and recommending you to all. No negative feedback whatsoever. Totally impressed. Keep up the good work! Linda H, Millhouses, July 2014

“” The range of materials is fab, and having the books to cut up is a great idea once the kids are convinced they are allowed to cut up books! Thank you for  a great party!”

Katie P, Greystones, September 2013

“It was the most relaxing party I have held for my girls for me, as you had a calming effect on the children and they were happy, interested, relaxed and busy. If anyone asks for party ideas in the future I will definitely recommend you! Verena P, Millhouses, December 2012

“It was perfect and amazing and we all liked making the badges” Ellie,aged 9

“My daughter really enjoyed the party and so did I. Sometimes children’s parties can be a little bit stressful but the badge making party was very relaxing” Katie G, Ringinglow, September 2012

“It was really good and so addictive! It was so cool because we made loads of different things. The badge ladies were really friendly.” Ellie, aged 11

“Thank you for running the activity and making lots of children and a couple of adults very happy with their badge creations! ” Victoria E, Nether Green, July 2012

IMG_0397“It was a very nice, simple but fun activity for my 5 year old’s party. It was great having the kids entertained with such a creative, stimulating activity. Imogen and Lizzie helped everyone get the most from the craft. My 9 year old, Joe, really enjoyed it too – it seemed to appeal to his crafty side and gave him the chance to get creative with badge designs. He also really liked the badge maker and now wants us to have our own!” Lucy O, Nether Green, July 2012

“This is the most addictive thing you can do! I challenge anyone to make one badge and then not be compelled to go on and make more! For all us oldies it is a blast back to the heyday of pin badges in the 70’s and for kids it is just great fun and they wear their badges with pride! Highly recommended.” Jane W, Nether Edge, July 2012


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